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More webinars are coming up in the next months! Each webinar will be organised and presented by one or more CIP members.

The aim of these webinars is to enable discussion and exchange of knowledge, expertise and ideas amongst the CIP members on current and emergent topics. A webinar can address any specific or general challenge.

We organise two kinds of webinars: open webinars where anyone can join, and member webinars which are exclusively for members. All current webinars (see below) are member webinars. However, to be able to get a sneak peek of what CIP membership exists of, non members are also welcome to choose one webinar and attend it (or view its recording) as a free trial.

Current programme (subject to change)

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  • MarlousVerheul“Disasters as routine”: national centralized patient admission during crisis or disaster
    Thursday 26 Nov. 2015
    Presented by Marlous Verheul
    Project leader crisis management Utrecht Traumaregion

    Marlous presents the Major Incident Hospital in Utrecht, an internationally unique facility for providing immediate emergency care for casualties in exceptional circumstances. She explains how the hospital functions and how the project was able to deal with some exceptional challenges. Her presentation is aimed at anyone involved in crisis and disaster management with a particular interest in patient and victim care.

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  • EwoudDeVoogdA future dashboard of the community
    Tuesday 15 Dec. 2015
    Presented by Ewoud De Voogd
    Advisor, HowAboutYou

    Ewoud presents the idea of an interactive and online dashboard for the Mayor and/or the community. The dashboard combines advanced social media monitoring with other kinds of gathered information from online & offline communities as well as (open) data sets from different kinds of data sources. A seemingly futuristic concept that is closer than one would think, as every single component of such a dashboard already exists.

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  • IreneFranken-JohnRozemaThe next step in professional crisis communications
    On Thursday 21 Jan. 2016Presented by Irene Franken V&R Academy & John Rozema HowAboutYou

    In this presentation, Irene and John tell you about how the analysis of external communities is currently handled and teached in The Netherlands. In the community of risk and crisis communication professionals there is a growing sense of the need to sharpen skills and tools. It’s simply not enough anymore to trust your instincts during a crisis. You need to know the patterns that emerge during a crisis for a sound communication strategy. As a risk or crisis professional you will have to tap in to the communities and get meaningful insights for your communication strategy and the accountability of your communication efforts.

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  • BernardGrootComplicated or complex, both sides of the same medal
    On Tuesday 9 Feb. 2016
    1.00 PM CET – 2.00 PM CET
    Presented by Bernard Groot
    GHOR Drenthe, Buitenpromovendus crisislab

    In the Netherlands we’re good at command and control: we can handle various kinds of emergencies. But unfortunately this is not the case when we face major disasters or catastrophes. When “the core of our existence” is at stake, we might not be as efficient and disappoint those communities who need us most!Maybe the main cause for this is that we do not realise that the medal of crisis and disaster management has not one, but two sides: complicated and complex. While we are good at dealing with complicated situations, strategies that deal with complex situations are rare.

    In this webinar, Bernard looks into best practices and better strategies for dealing with complex situations while looking for research opportunities in this topic.

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Your webinar in 2016 or 2017?

For future webinars, we gladly welcome your proposals for presenting relevant cases, methodologies, projects, tools and any kind of research. We also welcome webinar ideas that favor highly interactive participant discussions or collaboration.

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