Workshop: Resilience and Crisis

One of the six workshops that are part of our CIP Conference 2015 on 3 July 2015 in the University of Amsterdam.

The climate change adaptation and the higher frequency and financial consequences of disasters, are amongst the factors that boost the utilization of the concept of resilience way beyond its original scientific definition.

Resilience is now the object of a British Standard already approved and a ISO group is formed to foster a new rule that is way beyond the business continuity one. Risk analysis, communication and management are fundamental elements for the implantation of resilience in institutions, local and national governments, etc. CIP Institute such discuss and develop some strategies to enter in that discussion. In our discussion we will present an exemple of an european project where we are integrated and, from that discuss new ideias where CIP network could participate.

José Palma-Oliveira
José Palma-Oliveira


Prof. Dr. José Palma-Oliveira, Lisbon University & Factor Social (Portugal)

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