Terms and conditions

In order to encourage participation and development in CIP Institute, we need to follow some good practices that are listed below. Thank you for accepting these terms.


Specific terms about the CIP logo and the member content

  1. Regarding usage of the CIP logo:
    • Any use of the CIP logo requires a written permission by CIP Institute.
    • On your LinkedIn profile: add CIP Institute to your ‘Organisations’ section, not your ‘Experience’ section.
  2. Regarding the member content:
    • Redistributing member materials is prohibited.
    • References: please contact the original author before referring to member content.
    • Contact us if in doubt about authors or policies.
  3. Regarding the content password that all members receive:
    • It is forbidden to share the password with non-members. Please direct interested persons to the CIP Institute website which contains content previews and all necessary information to become a member.


Internal Regulations

This document includes the general Internal Regulations of the CIP Institute.
160705 Internal Regulations CIP Institute (PDF)


Ethical Code

This document includes the Ethical Code of the CIP Institute.
160712 Ethical Code CIP Institute (PDF)