Six inspiring workshops at 2015 CIP Conference in Amsterdam

Our conference programme in Amsterdam consists of lectures by international keynote speakers, but we also make room for various workshops by CIP members. These six workshop were reviewed and selected from the proposals that we received as a result of our Call for Workshops.

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Organizational safety and pre-accident investigations: an introduction

One of our four keynotes at the CIP Conference 2015 in Amsterdam

Dr. Todd Conklin
Dr. Todd Conklin

In this presentation, Todd will introduce High Reliability Organizing (HRO), how we can identify complex potential incidents before they take place and how time-pressed professionals should shape their safety programs.

Todd Conklin speaks all over the world about his book Pre-Accident Investigations: An Introduction to Organizational Safety and the “new view” of human error, based on human performance theory.


Crisis communication workshops at International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC2014) in Burgos

CIP members from SD Group (Spain) and PM risk-crisis-change (Belgium) partnered up to develop a series of four high-level workshop for this congress in Burgos, Spain in July 2014.

Using known and unknown examples, cases and exercises, participants learned about communication with the public in various situations related to the nuclear sector.

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Symposium “Information Analysis as a Basis for Effective Crisis Response Strategies” at European SRA Conference 2014, Istanbul

SRA EuropeAt the 23rd SRA-E conference organised by the European division of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in June 2014, four founding CIP members from PM risk-crisis-change (Belgium) and Inconnect (The Netherlands) presented a symposium about the role of information analysis in effective risk and crisis communication strategies.

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