Symposium “Information Analysis as a Basis for Effective Crisis Response Strategies” at European SRA Conference 2014, Istanbul

SRA EuropeAt the 23rd SRA-E conference organised by the European division of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in June 2014, four founding CIP members from PM risk-crisis-change (Belgium) and Inconnect (The Netherlands) presented a symposium about the role of information analysis in effective risk and crisis communication strategies.

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Experiences from the hot seat: the need for leadership in the period of uncertainty

One of our five keynotes at the CIP Conference 2014 in Brussels

Prof. Dr. Nigel Lightfoot

In this presentation, Nigel Lightfoot will use the evolution of a number of crises from a personal experience to illustrate the challenges of working during periods of uncertainty and the essential leadership characteristics that are required to successfully emerge and recover from such crises.

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