Workshop: Risk Management in the Context of Strategic Execution

One of the six workshops that are part of our CIP Conference 2015 on 3 July 2015 in the University of Amsterdam.

Given a constantly degrading and more and more instable, volatile economic environment Strategic Execution – the execution of strategy while re-organizing and restructuring operational activities – is becoming an increasingly important element of daily management. Constant change, re-prioritization and re-organization, quick decision making and related exposure to risks in a complex environment is becoming the rule. Risk Management is therefore a central part of Strategic Execution, as is it’s embedding into operational processes as well as its links to and integration with performance management.

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You ask for safety, you get a bureaucracy

One of our four keynotes at the CIP Conference 2015 in Amsterdam

Prof. Sidney Dekker
Prof. Sidney Dekker

This presentation is about how our best intentions to prepare for crises can leave us unadaptive, unimaginative and ill-prepared.

Sidney Dekker is professor and best-selling author on human error, safety, complexity and systems thinking.


Experiences from the hot seat: the need for leadership in the period of uncertainty

One of our five keynotes at the CIP Conference 2014 in Brussels

Prof. Dr. Nigel Lightfoot

In this presentation, Nigel Lightfoot will use the evolution of a number of crises from a personal experience to illustrate the challenges of working during periods of uncertainty and the essential leadership characteristics that are required to successfully emerge and recover from such crises.

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