Workshop: Self-correcting mechanisms of Twitter

One of the six workshops that are part of our CIP Conference 2015 on 3 July 2015 in the University of Amsterdam.

On January 29th 2015, a man wielding a fake gun has been arrested in a studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS, causing the main evening bulletins to be cancelled. That evening, approximately 60.000 tweets have been posted online about the situation. Continue reading

Six inspiring workshops at 2015 CIP Conference in Amsterdam

Our conference programme in Amsterdam consists of lectures by international keynote speakers, but we also make room for various workshops by CIP members. These six workshop were reviewed and selected from the proposals that we received as a result of our Call for Workshops.

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Trying not to ruin everything: The critical role of legal counsel in advising an organization undergoing crisis

One of our four keynotes at the CIP Conference 2015 in Amsterdam

Dr. Charlie Madison
Dr. Charlie Madison

When something bad happens in an organization that upsets normal operations and occupies the attention of senior management, complex forces are unleashed that are difficult to manage from the outset. Despite the best of intentions, lawyers often undermine the organization’s interests in the response to crisis. Working together, lawyers and the companies they represent can learn to overcome outdated but long-held views of the lawyer’s role, to improve the company’s response to crisis.

Charlie Madison is Chairman & Founder of Atlee Risk Consulting. He and his company combine legal and management experience to bring an enlightened approach to legal liability risk management, including helping companies implement programs of improvement through the New View of Human Performance and High Reliability Organizing. You can find interesting articles on his blog to learn more about his work.


Experiences from the hot seat: the need for leadership in the period of uncertainty

One of our five keynotes at the CIP Conference 2014 in Brussels

Prof. Dr. Nigel Lightfoot

In this presentation, Nigel Lightfoot will use the evolution of a number of crises from a personal experience to illustrate the challenges of working during periods of uncertainty and the essential leadership characteristics that are required to successfully emerge and recover from such crises.

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