Call for Workshops on CIP Conference Amsterdam, submit your proposal before 8 May

At the CIP Conference in Amsterdam on Friday 3 July 2015 we will feature a number of 90-minute workshops or presentations. The aim of these workshops is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in risk management, crisis management, risk communication, crisis communication and other domains related to the CIP framework.

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Presentation “The concept of Complex Interactive Processes in organisational safety, risks and crises” at European SRA Conference 2015, Maastricht

SRA EuropeTwo founding members of CIP Institute from Spain and Belgium presented a paper about CIP at the 24rd SRA-E conference organised by the European division of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in June 2015.

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Experiences from the hot seat: the need for leadership in the period of uncertainty

One of our five keynotes at the CIP Conference 2014 in Brussels

Prof. Dr. Nigel Lightfoot

In this presentation, Nigel Lightfoot will use the evolution of a number of crises from a personal experience to illustrate the challenges of working during periods of uncertainty and the essential leadership characteristics that are required to successfully emerge and recover from such crises.

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Stakeholder’s involvement through scientific reasoning: communicating risks without risk communication

One of our five keynotes at the CIP Conference 2014 in Brussels

Prof. Dr. José Manuel Palma-Oliveira

In the past, traditional approach to risk communication has failed in many cases resulting in significant stakeholder unease and stress. This talk will focus on alternative approaches of bringing stakeholders on board in projects where risk is a significant driver for decisions.

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