Time to renew your membership • What’s new in 2017?


We hope that the past years you have been able to enjoy the benefits of your CIP Institute membership to the fullest.

The year 2017 is looking equally or possibly even more interesting! Next to be invited to new member-only webinars (live or recorded video on demand), as a renewed member you will be eligible for a discounted rate when joining the 4rd International CIP Conference in Lisbon (16 June 2017). This year, the conference will focus not only on a high level of interactivity, it is also our ambition to generate “workshop deliverables” to be co-created and shared with the members during the conference and afterwards. This can be anything from a member webinar, a small report or a short paper, to a blog post, a diagram, mind map, etc.

As before, the contribution for your renewal is €50 and valid for a membership period until 31 December 2017.

Furthermore, after the conference all members will be given early access to our fully renewed, highly interactive and extensive member platform. Together with the members we are currently investing a lot of efforts into preparing this platform, the proceedings of which we will present at the Lisbon conference. This brand new “Bubble of Knowledge” platform aims to provide you not only with global networking opportunities, it is also being developed as a tool to take a big step forward into our mission: enabling risk and crisis professionals to exchange and develop knowledge about complex interactive processes. With your participation and support we will succeed in making this new initiative as successful as our annual conferences.

Renew your membership today to form part of CIP Institute’s community and continue to support our objectives, join our efforts, join the network and access member-only content.

To proceed, two payment options for renewing members are available below.

  1. Wire transfer payment
    IBAN: BE87 0688 9978 8494
    Amount: €50,00
    Message: Renewal membership 2017 + your name
    Some international wire transfers require the address of the bank where the account is held: in that case, see this page
  2. Pay online using Visa/MasterCard/PayPal
    This method is the most convenient and quick one, but a 5% transaction fee is applied.
    Amount: €52,50
    Use the payment link below to proceed to secure online payment:

Continue to be a part of our community

Being a part of our CIP Institute community gives you access to all eleven fully recorded keynotes from our three International CIP Conferences in Brussels (2014), Amsterdam (2015) and Antwerp (2016) in high quality video with the keynote slides. We also provide you with a member overview, recorded member webinars and other conference materials such as the Brussels conference paper on identifying, embracing and enhancing Complex Interactive Processes.

Your membership is meaningful, both for you and CIP Institute. Thanks to your contribution, your efforts and your network, our community continues to grow and can not only organise conferences, but also provide other activities and initiatives such as webinars, the CIP Taxonomy, Bubble of Knowledge and the member platform projects to enable knowledge sharing, the further elaboration of the CIP framework and many more projects to come.

Opportunities to contribute to various initiatives in development

Please note that as a member you continue to have access to our member content at members.cipinstitute.org where we make available all member materials. We want to make sure that you are at the front row to benefit from the insights shared by our community, enabling you to participate and co-create knowledge and initiatives with fellow members.

  • View instructions on how to access the current member-only site.
  • Contact us if you want to contribute to the bèta of the new member platform which will be presented at the Lisbon conference.
  • Contact us if you are interested in bèta access to the Slack community platform where more than 30 early birds are already networking and discussing various topics.
Explore member-only content on members.cipinstitute.org

If you have any questions about CIP Institute or your membership status, please contact us at info@cipinstitute.org

Thank you for your engagement and support, and for continuing to be a member.

Stijn Pieters
Secretary CIP Institute

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