Workshop: Current and emerging challenges in risk and crisis perception for the nuclear sector.

One of the workshops at our CIP Conference 2016 on 1 July 2016 at Antwerp Management School.

Since the seventies, far before the Tsjernobyl and Fukushima accidents, the applications of nuclear technology are controversial. “How to depolarise the public debate about nuclear energy?” is the one-billion-dollar question for decision makers inside the nuclear sector.

Indeed, the sector starts to realise that public perception of nuclear risks is indispensable for today’s nuclear communication. But is the issue the public’s perception or the sector’s (engineering) approach to this complex communication challenge?

This workshop aims to exchange experiences with participants from different sectors dealing with complex risk and crisis management. How is it possible to create a (common) risk and crisis perception in a polarised debate about the complex nuclear technology? Based on interviews with executives inside the nuclear sector, and risk perception data from the public, challenges and opportunities are identified.


Dr. Wim Uyttenhove (Belgium) is a nuclear safety engineer. He founded The Binding Energy, a start-up in the field of strategic engineering and communication.

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