Workshop: Exploring Risk Communication Failures

One of the six workshops that are part of our CIP Conference 2015 on 3 July 2015 in the University of Amsterdam.

Although counter productive, the gap between communications research and application continues to widen. Roger Kasperson accurately claims that this disparity cannot be overcome by a linear bridge, but a complex system of web like processes.

This workshop will take a deep look into three risk communication case studies and strike up a debate as to the correct approach of crisis and risk communications; the disorganization of the CAA during the 2010 “Ash Week”, accountability of Thales over the pitot tube failure in the crash of Air France AF447, and the successes of the Swedish regarding the consumption of dioxin rich fermented fatty fish.

Randa Kachef
Randa Kachef


Randa L. Kachef is Research Fellow at Kings College London (United Kingdom)

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