Presentation “The concept of Complex Interactive Processes in organisational safety, risks and crises” at European SRA Conference 2015, Maastricht

SRA EuropeTwo founding members of CIP Institute from Spain and Belgium presented a paper about CIP at the 24rd SRA-E conference organised by the European division of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in June 2015.


Dr. Hugo Marynissen
Prof. Juan Manuel Domìnguez Ortega


Every organisation dealing with complex interactive or tightly coupled processes will be confronted with a critical situation one day. The general reasoning goes that if there are guidelines that indicate the organisation’s management how to respond quickly and adequately, damage might be prevented. The overall assumption goes even further in a sense that if an organisation has all its processes in place, and if it communicates these processes in an adequate way before and during a critical situation, mishaps or further damage can be prevented or at least minimised.

The reality proves the opposite. Traditional communication of guidelines and procedures does not often work, as people will interpret information differently to how it was disseminated. Moreover, human beings do not perform their jobs as described in guidelines and therefore the outcomes frequently vary from what was expected, including mistakes. The question, though, is how to deal with this common problem?

This presentation explores the interaction between formal structured processes introduced in organisations and informal unstructured processes at play among all organisational members, and its impact on risk aversive behaviour. It presents a Complex Interactive Processes framework (CIP) that helps to deal with the reality of an organisation by the implementation of formal processes that influence the informal processes, while moving toward the desired goal to diminish potential risks.


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