Symposium “Information Analysis as a Basis for Effective Crisis Response Strategies” at European SRA Conference 2014, Istanbul

SRA EuropeAt the 23rd SRA-E conference organised by the European division of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in June 2014, four founding CIP members from PM risk-crisis-change (Belgium) and Inconnect (The Netherlands) presented a symposium about the role of information analysis in effective risk and crisis communication strategies.

Chaired by Stijn Pieters, the symposium consisted of four presentations by Anne-Marie van het Erve, Tim Van Achte, Frank Vergeer and Dr. Hugo Marynissen, each discussing a critical factor of turning data and perceptions found in the outside world into effective risk and crisis communication strategies.

The titles of the four presentations were:

  1. The crisis communication work process and the role of information analysis
  2. The tasks and tools of the information analyst
  3. The link between information analysis and decision making
  4. Scientific challenges for information analysis in a crisis communication team

The presenters also appeared in the conference programme with three additional presentations:

  • Dr. Hugo Marynissen: A constitutive view on risk communication in organisations managing high-risk processes: Towards a conceptual framework
  • Stijn Pieters: The role of crisis communication exercises and the critical factors required for effective impact on learning
  • Tim Van Achte: Effective crisis response strategies based on data analysis – Crisis communication work process developed for Belgian federal government (Poster)

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